All that is knowable exists by virtue of the spiritual energy in the hearts of its believers.

Welcome to the Gathering Of Divine

A spiritual pit stop along the winding path to nirvana.

The power of the imagination should never be underestimated: the vision of a spiritual world is created and sustained by spiritual thought and its clarity and strength are limited only by the level of spiritual energy in the hearts of its believers. Spiritual energy is generated by divine souls and is intensified by gathering together to focus upon a common vision.

Imagine people gathering together in a divine context to focus their spiritual energies towards a common focal point. Now imagine all of the souls of past, present, and future who long for a shared religious experience all gathering to focus their collective energies towards the same common vision. This vision is nothing less than the spiritual embodiment of GOD.

The Gathering Of Divine abbreviates to the letters "GOD", allowing even an atheist to comfortably speak the word and experience its spiritual power without compromising their own belief system.

The Gathering Of Divine is a group of individuals who share their spiritual thoughts with one another in hopes of better understanding spiritual energy and the responsible use of its power.

Feel free to gather when you are ready for a spiritual discussion.

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