Legend of GOD

Deep in the forest, a lake was created, the dam was adorned, with words untranslated.
The steps were ascended, the letters inspected, a rock on top loosened, and chaos injected!
The flood was horrendous, a storm also brewing, the curious touch, proved to be the undoing.
The waters burst forth, turning day into night, he swam like a fish, with all of his might.
The lost soul was drowning, waters raging around him, the maid of the mer, placed him onto the boat brim.
The waves seemed to settle, in view was a tunnel, the man and his sailboat, drawn into a funnel.
Around and around, was the sailor's new plight, at the end of the tunnel, a promising light.
Emerged frome the tunnel, the man fully dressed, his boat was transformed, and his mission was blessed.
Revived and most grateful, the questioning soul, sent out on a mission, to write a new scroll.
The scroll must be peaceful, inclusive and true, it must contain visions, from all the guru.
The scroll must be lurid, to capture attention, it must teach a lesson, and lead to ascension.
Above all the message, must cause all to wonder, to gather together, in awe of its thunder.
The mission of boatman, to quest for believers, the clergies, their gods, build a congress of leaders.
In search of compassion, of fabric, of culture, in search of the faithful, divinity vulture.
Nearly drowned in the flood, born again for the missions, the Athiest boatman, the host of religions.
All gods must be welcome, all facets all faces, all costumes all customs, all trinkets all graces.
No sure destination, with only a vision, as though it was written, they trust his decision.
Three fast boats chock full of men, attacked the blessed boat, they pulled aead and turned to fight, it was the final note.
A storm replaced the blue of sky, a purple rain imbued, three bolts of lightening hit the foes, and saved the once persued.
Bizarre events so fast and strange, so tragic, yet propitious, a funeral service impromptu, the mood was most auspicious.
The cargo intact, the mission unended, expectations high, the sunset was splendid.
Another day passes, a night on the water, all silent, all hungry, no distracting slaughter.
Still no sign of land, there was nothing but ocean, the questions were rife, a true test of devotion.