This forum is a gathering of all souls past, present, and future who are open to a shared religious experience. Registered users who feel like sharing their more private spirtual experiences with one another (along with a few more site privileges) are also encouraged to apply for free membership on the Divination page.

There are no rules per se, but expect the same sort of respect and decorum one might find in the temple of another faith.

If you found your way to this forum, then I suppose you deserve some sort of reward. I purposely have not adorned this web site with a sort of default menu structure and instead have opted for more traditional hyperlinks to help people find their way. Call me old fashioned, but I just thought I'd try something a little bit different. If you notice though, each of these pages URLs are easily bookmarked, so you should be able to find your way back here fairly easily.

Anyway, this forum is really what the Gathering Of Divine is all about - this is the place which is intended to be used for spiritual (and possibly also sometimes spirited) discussions. Imagine yourself gathered around a camp fire gazing into the burning embers and carrying on conversations with those next to you while roasting a marsh mellow or two.