What if ... ?

Isn't this question what religion is all about? Sort of a meta-physical hedge fund created - just in case there is some bigger deal out there beyond this life - so that we don't feel like such fools if and when we do finally arrive *there*.

Of course, this question opens up all sorts of possibilities... which is what Agnosticism is all about too. Kind of a curiosity factor.

Anyway, this forum is for whatif types of scenarios... something to do.

The only real problem with atheism is that it is based on what can be proven by science, and when it comes to the physical world, science is limited to what is observable by human beings. Meanwhile, the physical realm is not really bound by anything in particular, and this presents a huge problem for defining scientific theories around anything which extends beyond what is observable by science. Between the cosmos at the larger scale, and the microcosm at the smaller scale, science is limited to the area in between these two observable entities. Anything beyond these extremes is explained away as either being irrelevant, or something which does not really exist (due to the curvature of space or whatever). This works for most theoretical discussions, but the megalithic elephant in the room is also telling us that there might be other dimensions to this discussion.

What if everything which is observable - from the smallest atomic particles to the largest distant galaxy - could all be contained in a single drop of sweat, and this drop of sweat was dripping off of the face of a much larger being who is so large that they have no idea that we even exist? Meanwhile, as we sweat here on earth, a drop of sweat rolls off of our brow and little do we know that there are actually sub-atomic-sized galaxies within this droplet of sweat as well. Now imagine that this scale of galaxies can only really be infinite in both directions, since there is really nothing to prevent such an outcome. In this scenario, it is easy to see how something can influence both larger, as well as smaller things - in an infinite spectrum of spectrums.

If this were true, then we could actually all be a part of an infinite number of larger things or even beings - things so large that they have no idea we exist (except maybe in very general terms). Meanwhile, we in turn could also be composed of an infinite amount of smaller entities far too small to comprehend (except maybe in very general terms). These scales of reality would be completely dependent upon one another in every conceivable sense - yet completely independent of one another in the scientific sense based solely on the fact that they are unobservable to one another based on their relative sizes.

So who spiked the brownies? The point of all this is that despite the fact that atheism is secure in the notion that it is backed by science, the problem is that, like science, the domain of the atheist is also limited to what is observable by human beings. What if we are actually a part of a much larger being (aka God)? And furthermore, what if this much larger being is itself a part of a much larger being, ad infinitum, as well as ad infinitum in the smaller direction as well? Would it even matter if it were true?